About Lionberger Construction

Lionberger Construction is a general contractor with over 60 years of providing a full range of turn-key construction services. We serve the commercial and industrial construction market in Virginia for both design-build and competitive bid projects. Our goal and our reputation is to provide you the highest quality construction while meeting your budgeting and scheduling expectations.

Creating new space or renovating an old space to make it new is an exciting endevour for your business and we want to make sure that

Building is an enjoyable experience when you choose Lionberger Construction!

Being a third generation contractor, we have developed and accumulated some of the best talent and several centuries of combined construction experience. To put this talent and experience to work for you we have established as our mission statement:

By fully utilizing our individual skills in a collective manner, we will strive to provide the highest quality construction services to our clients while maintaining the Company's historical commitment to unquestioned integrity. We are committed to being a significant contributor to the betterment of our community and the construction industry.

Company History

Company History

1922 - Mr. John C. Senter opened his construction firm in the back room of his Roanoke home and little did he realize the future that lay ahead for his organization. Mr. Senter soon earned the community's trust as a highly respected builder of commercial and industrial construction projects including participation in the early development of the Roanoke Airport and numerous other Roanoke area landmarks - many of which remain to this day.

1950 - Following the end of World War II, Senter's nephew, S. Lewis Lionberger joined the firm and assumed its management in 1950. He changed the name to S. Lewis Lionberger Company. Lewis Lionberger's unbending sense of integrity and forthright dealings enhanced the already fine reputation of the Company as it continued to participate in building many well known and recognizable structures in the Roanoke Valley.

1964 - Lewis' son Sam Lionberger Jr. then joined the firm following his graduation from Virginia Tech and a tour with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As Sam learned and developed his own skills and knowledge of the construction business, he began the progression towards the Fast-Track and Design/Build methods of project delivery and quickly realized the significant potential of this method of building.

1974 - Sam Lionberger became President of the Company as Lewis Lionberger retired. Lionberger Construction Company maintained its reputation as a leading builder in Southwestern and Central Virginia. Sam was detemined to continue the Legacy of Quality started by his father and great uncle.

1988 - Sam Lionberger III began his career with the Company bringing another generation of new ideas and enthusiasm into the evolving and developing construction industry.

2005 - Sam Lionberger Jr. and Sam Lionberger III began a mission for the company to seek out opportunities that first supported the many clients that company has worked with in the past. This aggressive method of seeking negotiated projects as the primary focus of the company was the result and culmination of all of the fine work the previous generations have put into building the company's reputation. Additionally, it was this change of focus that allowed us to then begin to provide what we feel is the best service we can provide. Further, the company was restructured to allow for more of a client centered model that established teams to provide for continuity in the relationships it had taken so long to establish.

Present - Lionberger Construction Company is striving to maintain the relationships we have developed over the years by continually proving to be a valuable and reliable partner. It is these continued relationships that we use as a model for our future as we are constantly seeking and evaluating new clients who are seeking a dependable partner to provide the construction services they are seeking. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and solutions oriented to bring our services to our clients both efficiently and timely.