Our Services



Lionberger Construction provides a full range of construction services in an effort to utilize all of the talent and experience accumulated in our over 80 year history. Primarily Lionberger Construction provides new and renovation construction services on Commercial and Industrial projects in our service area consisting of an approximate three hour radius of Roanoke, VA. We participate competitively in the public bid market in our service area but we are more organized and oriented towards projects negotiated with local and national clients who regularly choose us for their construction needs. In these negotiated projects, we are able to provide the best value and services to the respective project because the project is developed with a "team-approach".


This team approach consisting of the client, architect and Lionberger Construction provides the following benefits:

  • the client gets the experience and input of both Lionberger Construction and the architect to provide input, advice and suggestions as the project evolves.
  • designing and building phases of the project maintain a focus on completion as many steps can be performed simultaneously and ambiguity is almost eliminated (i.e. pricing can begin as the building stages are designed).
  • competitive pricing can still be obtained on approximately 70-75% of the project by obtaining multiple prices from trade subcontractors.
  • plan design deficiencies and ambiguities are handled in a timely manner which prevents costly redesign and rework expenses.
  • team is incentivized to focus on providing the client the project desired within the established budget as the owner can have access to both the cost information and an established known profit.

This is in complete contrast to a design-bid-build project where the client pays for a design without any "real world" budgeting and then solicits quotes from contractors who are then usually competing solely on low price. The risks to this approach are numerous including:

  • a project that is over budget after design which results in further expenses for redesign and a time delay as the project is then usually rebid.
  • a project that contains many items lacking clarity on the bid plans or specifications which will only result in multiple change orders to the original bid price and/or a contentious relationship between all of the parties.
  • an inherent incentive to focus on getting the project completed as cheaply as possible where quality suffers greatly resulting in a project requiring maintenance much sooner than what would be expected or desired by the project owner.

Our approach to the services we provide is to place an emphasis on proper and thorough up-front planning and establishing clear communication to ensure delivery of a project that flows efficiently and smoothly. Lionberger Construction at all times maintains a commitment to excellence and integrity as the driving force in all our decision-making in order to provide the level of service the client desires.


In order to perform a project and provide the service level expected, we maintain an office staff of Project Managers and Estimators as the first level of interaction the client will experience when they choose Lionberger Construction. Each of these individuals have many years of experience and diverse backgrounds to bring to the project. Additionally, a weekly meeting is held where the collective wisdom of this group can be engaged for any particular solution required by the project. In addition to these individuals, the office consists of a group of project administrators, finance and accounting personnel and a receptionist all working with a focus on supporting the projects we are performing.

We differentiate ourselves by providing a Project Superintendents to the project for direct on-site management. Many of these Superintendents have over 20 years of experience in completing large projects. Another area where we feel we are different is we have multiple crews led by working Supervisors who can handle the numerous service and maintenance projects we perform each year for our clients.

We take great pride in our long-term relationship with these fine individuals, several of whom are third generation employees of the Company. Our general workforce includes a nucleus of committed and skilled workers, some of whom have been with us for several decades. We believe that the construction experience should be fulfilling and enjoyable for both Clients and employees, resulting in long-lasting relationships.


Lionberger Construction maintains contractor licenses in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. As mentioned above we primarily perform in an area defined as a three hour radius from our home office in Roanoke, VA. However, we maintain licenses in these states which may fall outside of our primary service area in order to provide the level of service desired by our multi-state clients. This allows us the nimbleness often required by these clients to respond to their needs. We are interested in any project in the states we are licensed for any clients seeking both high quality and a high-level of services for thier project.


Because of the staff and licenses we maintain, we are able to respond quickly to client requests. Also since our focus is negotiated projects, we quickly shift our priorities to a client seeking our services from the public bid market. Contact us today to see how quickly we can respond to your needs.

Operating Philosophy

Lionberger Construction's commitment to Excellence and Integrity are the absolute force in all decision making.

Lionberger Construction emphasizes Quality First in the Products and Services we deliver to you, our customer.
This is accomplished in four unique and simple ways:

1. We commit to providing you a dedicated qualified superintendent for your project.

2. We commit to weekly project meetings led by your project manager which creates an opportunity for dialogue between you, the architect, and our subcontractors - all in the interest of project progress.

3. Subcontractors are selected on a combination of factors that would include lowest cost and our prior experience with the subcontractors. Additional factors may be considered to determine the best "fit" for the project based on various factors including the project's timeline, complexity, location, etc. We truly beleive the projects where we are able to use this Partnering to achieve the best result for the customer.

4. We prefer to work with you in an open and honest manner to prevent any misconceptions, disagreements or any other problems that ultimately result in a delayed project and most importantly a dissatisfied customer.

Lionberger Construction is committed to providing a safe workplace and will support and enforce all safety rules that protect our employees, our clients and our community.

Lionberger Construction believes the construction experience should be fulfilling and enjoyable for both clients and employees which results in long-lasting relationships.